AI Manufacturing Training Solution

The Stanley X | DeepHow Solution

Stanley X | DeepHow uses AI technology to bridge the skills gap in manufacturing, construction and repair service, by turning real work into mobile ready, interactive smart video training.


Create standard work instructions from the knowledge of your most experienced employees and empower your workforce to learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime!

Training Technology Built For Manufacturing Workers

Targeted & Engaging Safety Training

With just-in-time and engaging mobile ready content, users have access to visual, interactive work-flows and can review safety refreshers before high risk tasks.

Innovation Sharing

In a cost effective way, improve the success and speed of change management initiatives and recognize high performing employees across the organization.

Faster Onboarding & Training

Capture employee knowledge to immediately create content that is technology forward, engaging and easy to reference from any smart device.

Product Demos & Client Education

Reduce warranty claims through engaging product documentation content and translate videos into multiple languages automatically to reach diverse audiences.

AI Powered Knowledge Capture

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Training Time Reduction

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Faster Training Time

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New Task Performance Improvement

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