AI Construction Training Solution

The Stanley X | DeepHow Solution

Stanley X | DeepHow uses AI technology to bridge the skills gap in manufacturing, construction and repair service, by turning real work into mobile ready, interactive smart video training.


Create standard work instructions from the knowledge of your most experienced employees and empower your workforce to learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime!

Training Technology Built For Construction Workers

Project Specific Training

Each project is unique with their own client or site specific requirements. Reduce onboarding material creation and training time through AI automation. Create a digital library of site rules and processes that can be scaled to everyone on your jobsite, on demand.

Improve Productivity

Your expert employees' time is valuable. Save their time by converting active work into interactive training guides for your junior team. Put their knowledge in the hands of your entire team so work doesn't stop if your expert is away.

Consistent Project Outcomes

Turnover and staff ramp ups can be a source of errors and rework that can cut into your profit. Make sure everyone has access to the most current procedures, from safety walks to field accounting to task code reporting, to keep things running smoothly.

Share Innovations & Best Practices

Easily share good ideas across the jobsite, or across the country. Stephanie makes it easy to demonstrate time saving innovations and spread profit raising habits across your organization. Gain competitive advantage while boosting employee engagement.

AI Powered Knowledge Capture

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Training Time Reduction

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Faster Training Time

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New Task Performance Improvement

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